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Protest Survival Guide

I thought it would be good to compile useful information to protect our citizens in protest. Additional links and tips welcomed!

    • Find the twitter thread here
    • Watch the video here
  2. Basic guidelines
  3. Understand how to organize – Hong Kong Protest Roles

  4. Surveillance Self-Defense from the EFF
  5. Understand how they work
  6. How they think
    • Reasons for Riot Forces
      1. Intimidation enables forces to break the crowd into manageable proportions
      2. Promote violence to shut down protest.
      3. Surround protestors to stop from spreading
      4. Gather evidence for later prosecution.
    • What will they do? Anonymous Mass Protest Survival Guide Video
      • Riot forces will look for ways to maintain order and disperse the crowd.
      • line charges horses vehicles and less lethal
      • lines will surround you
      • Force to sidewalk
      • Line charges will push to crowds
    • How do we respond?
      • Dont stand and watch
      • Spawn gaps and fill quickly
      • Stick together
      • Where do they want to go and get there first
      • Use Banners/Umbrellas to protect yourselves from direct contact with weapons.
      • Protect escape routes
      • Keep moving if they charge. Act in defense
      • Watch for snatch squads. Half will arrest/half stand in front
      • keep crowd moving
      • Spot when authorities are surronding a protester. Get target out. Surround this individual and let them disperse into the crowd.
      • Link arms in chain
      • Surround the squad to intimidate them. They will reconsider their objective
      • Keep head and arms moving if you are grabbed
      • Dont fight
    • How they think part 2
    • Lessons from the Occupy Movement, Ferguson, & Beyond: A Guide for Police
  7. Amensty International
  8. Amensty International part 2
  9. Understanding protesting
  10. Collection of articles on what to do at protests
  11. Reddit Protest Pros
    • Reddit user BIPIN shared a guide on on protective gear. Find a copy here
  12. The Swarm Approach to Warfare: an Introduction for Frontliners

What are your rights

  1. Public rights in california
  2. British Columbia protesters guide
  3. Protesters rights
  4. Defense lawyer - In the event that you are arrested, the team at The Bail Project is offering its attorney defense services.


  1. Use Open Source Secure Communications. I recommend Signal. Telegram is also popular but is not 100% open source.
  2. In the event cellular networks are taken offline, groups can use bluetooth and Bridgefy
  3. Setup Groups to service broadcast messages.
  4. Secure your phone before attending a protest - Verge Article
  5. Hide faces and Scrub metadata before posting online - Verge Article

Protest Gear

Protest Survival Pack

  • Wear Durable clothing only. Lightweight. Entire body covering. No fuzzy garments
  • Wear protective material to avoid damaging your clothing
    • Heavy duty glove to pick up tear gas cannisters
    • Comfortable boots
    • Mask, motorcycle helmets to protect head
  • Wear Heavy Duty Goggles as officers are using rubber bullets. Damage can include loss of eyesight.
  • Respirator mask
  • Dress for the weather
  • Friends - Travel in a group. You don’t want to be an isolated target.
  • Carry a Day back
    • Water - Rinse off chemicals
    • Sports drink to stay hydrated
    • Energy snacks
    • Comms - Scanners, Radios Cellphones, Topographicals, train maps
  • Umbrella
  • Laser pointers
  • Leaf Bloewrs to disperse the tear gas
  • Pepper Spray Wash
    • 3 spoons of baking soda
    • 1 16oz water in a sprayer.

If you have useful information to add, drop me a line on twitter, email or open a pull request on github. I’ll get it updated ASAP. Knowledge is power! We are in this together!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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